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„No music – no life“


The love of music has always been the driving force behind everything GAMPER & DADONI do.


One a student of music and the other audio engineering, the two artists from Hamburg (Germany) started as a Producer team in spring 2013 and were soon generating over 100 million plays on Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube.


Their sound is a thrilling mixture of melodic and funky house that has rapidly gained the support of world renowned DJs such as Kygo, Klingande, Lost Frequencies, Klingande and Bakermat - all of whom regularly play their tracks.


Over the last three years, GAMPER & DADONI have played over 100 shows in more than 15 countries and whether it's Paris, London, Dublin or Rio, the duo always leave their mark. 


Asking about artists that inspire the two, answers reach from Jamiroquai to Mark Ronson, from Bob Dylan to Coldplay and from Van Morrison to Tracy Chapman.

„Basically we are doing pop music, but we love to break the rules sometimes and discover new horizons“


So prepare yourself for a musical journey that will captivate your senses and let you lose yourself to dance!


Crossing Lines (feat. Aiaya)



18th August 2017 (RedGreenYellow)


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